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Realize with us something noble

With your donation you support the reverse engineering process of a unique historical project. The replicas of extraordinary inventions are to document the achievements and the innovation of visionary people and to underline their appreciation. Manny of today’s further developments are based on such groundwork.

Your donation can be tax deducted in combination with your advertisement. Being a donator, you will be invited to representative events with the replicas (such events are fantastic for networking). In addition to that, you will receive special privileges, like for example experimental trips with the boat or at company incentives. You are fully released of any rights or obligations with the objects.

It works so simple

Send your email to: (subject: “donation”) with your contact data and the amount of your donation. For donations of more than 500 Euro we place your company logo in alphabetical order on the page of donators, and link them with your homepage. Your invoice will be declared as advertisement.

We thank you in advance for your support.
Projekt: A   Flugzeug  (complete)

Projekt: A Flugzeug (complete)

Reconstruction of the Pischof Autoplan took mor than 8000 hours. It was one of the most  exceptional aircraft in the aviation history and the first passanger aircraft in the Austo-Hungarian Empire.
Projekt: B     Boot  (in procress)

Projekt: B Boot (in procress)

The k.u.k. "Versuchsgleitboot" - a reconstruction of the world's first Hovercraft from 1915/16. It was the last secret project of the K.u.k. Kriegsmarine (Imperial and Royal Navy), Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Projekt: C    Flugboot  (zukünftiges Projekt)

Projekt: C Flugboot (zukünftiges Projekt)

Mit über 20 Meter Spannweite, war der Typ " K301" von 1917 eines der beeindruckendsten Flugboote der Welt. Angetrieben mit einem 300 PS Austro Daimler von Ferdinand Porsche und den rot-weiß-roten Flügelenden, wie sie nur von der k.u.k. Flotte verwendet wurden, wäre dieses Projekt heute ein Kronjuwel bei jeder Flugschau. Foto: Detailmodell 1:25
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